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Thread: Rick Nash Rookie

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    Rick Nash Rookie

    Im not sure if I'll trade it or not but I thought I would see offers I have Rick Nash UD Rookie just wondering if anyone would trade/Buy it whats it worth now anyways?

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    If it is his rc from the reg series UD it is worth $100.

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    sent you a pm, am very intrested in this card for my set, btw it books at 80 not 100

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    Thanks for clearing that up , price dropped $20.00 since the last price update i did on beckett.

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    ok well since people seem too be interested im looking for 02-03 Rookies,01-02 Rookies for the following teams:Ottawa,Wasington,Montreal,Buffalo,Toronto or someone to buy it....

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    did you check my pm? i'll post my tradelist here if you want

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