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    Trading for all unique numbered cards (jersey number, first made, last made, etc.)

    I'm looking for any numbered card that is the first made, last made, or the jersey number of the player. Let me know what you have, and I'd be willing to make a trade.

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    ive got a Raul Mondesi Ultra Platinum Medalion #ed 50/50

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    I'm interested in it. What are you looking for in return?

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    what would you trade? Im most interested in a jersey or auto
    I dont even know what it books

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    Hey, I noticed this card on your site that I'd want to trade for:

    01 Genuine Genuine Coverage Plus Cade McNown BV$12. (I looked it up)

    I'll look for a game used card I can trade for the 2 cards.

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    let me check...and ill be glad to let you take the McNown

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    Wow, Mondesi books $15. That's a little higher than I was hoping to trade for a mondesi card. I'd still like the McNown though. Check out my web page to see if you like anything from it.

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    i could use the following
    chavez sweetspot jsy
    r jackson bat
    j gonzalez dual
    could a deal concern any of those7
    are there any cheap autos you'd trade though?


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