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    My Greatest Pull Ever!!! (((2010 Showcase)))

    Unbelievable! I can't believed I pulled this...

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    sweet card... congrats on the huge pull
    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    Now that is a $$ maker!
    Brad Keselowski super-collector!

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    I feel lucky just to be able to see it!
    Collecting: Brad Keselowski Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Diecast & More
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    Collecting ALL Allen Iverson Items
    PM Me If You Have ANYTHING!

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    Sweet!!! That was a greatest pull i have seen. That may make $$ or more. That was so lucky of you.. Cheers!!!

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    Ok, the system here wont show me. Please someone tell me what this card is? I am jonesing til my box comes in on Friday.
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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    its a Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Dale Jr, Danica Patrick quad auto remdemption card

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    Huge FSU fan: Looking for Jameis Winston (FSU)
    Rob Schremp Memorabilia Super Collector.
    My Rob Schremp Collection, more to come.
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    wow man! nice!!
    I collect: Marbury, Jordan, Kobe, AI, Durant, Westbrook
    Chicago Cubs, Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings
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