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    Just received a great fan pack today from The Winnepeg GoldenEyes.

    2011 Pocket Schedule
    2012 Pocket Schedule
    2011 Team Card
    2009 Brent Metheny Card
    2010 Brett Wallace Card (signed)
    Ticket Stub (signed by Max Poulin)
    Ticket Stub (signed by mascot)
    2 sets of eye black
    Player magnet (#44 Diaz)
    2011 Magnetic Schedule
    Oversized Max Poulin Card (Jersey Retirement)
    Coloring Book
    Kids Club Info
    2011 1st Half Team Photo (8x10)
    2011 2nd Half Team Photo (8x10)
    2008 2nd Half Team Photo (8x10)
    Christmas Card

    I dont remember when I sent this request but it was probably back in July. I was very surprised to see this arrive today. Probably the best fan pack I have received.

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    opened new season success thread
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
    Hidden Content

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    so i think the theme on here is emailing a minor league team gets you pocket schedules?

    They come in handy when you dont have a card of whatever player may show up there or maybe that guy doesnt have a card... Since its an email, couldnt hurt to send an email... I GUESS

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    Yes, plus you have a chance at getting something better (I know the Tampa Yankees send a lot).

    Most teams require a SASE. It shows a lot that a team doesn't think a fan is worth 46 cents. I have a AAA team in town and guess which games I go to most? Games where the away team sent me anything that I can get signed.

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    to get team emails google them or got to the minor leage bb website

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    I got new Britain rock cats pocket schedule,tattoos, and a Aaron Hicks card

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    I got New Britain Rock cats twice pocket schedule 3 cards

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