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Thread: Help a boardmember out

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    Help a boardmember out

    as I said before I am selling it all .here is a partial list of my ebay auctions. Have some nice starting bids on cards

    Tonybones auctions, Thanks for looking

  2. Kronozio
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    Why the fire sale? ...and if you have anymore eTopps, LMK before you list them!

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    ok iggy you got it. I am still going to invest lightly in etopps, I am just seling the cards that I think i can pick up at a later time for less. "Why the fire sale?" I think with all the GU and all this grading cardboard can only be worth so much now, I mean everbody that buys cards now puts them into a loploader right away and preserves them, Very few cards are going to be worth any money in the future. A am only going to pick up GEM 10 cards of HOF player in the middle of there career.

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