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Thread: Which auto is legit?

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    Which auto is legit?

    Pretty big difference in signatures. Hand cramp? Had someone else sign for him? Hmmm....

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    I think alot of times Players have others sign the cards for them
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    To me it may be both by him, one auto is on a sticker and the other is on card which has more room for him to sign. Also those two sig are sign a few years apart as it may change from year to year. as you can see on the sticker, if he would make the j's a little bigger, it would run off the sticker.
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    My observation would be their different cuz the sig on the sticker is smaller so he has to make the sig smaller and maybe not as accurate as he usually does. But he may also of had someone else sign for him too though

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    ya they were both signed by Jacoby he had a lot more room to sign the on card so the J's look much bigger

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    both are legit for sure figure he signs one card also, but he is signing hundreds of those stickers for however many sets they go on,

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    Personally having a small signature I never considered how signatures can be compromised with the stickers. I guess this might have something to do with people wanting "on card" autographs.

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