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Thread: Steelers Training Camp Results

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    Steelers Training Camp Results

    Well First 5 days I have went to here are the overall results, alot of players take carts around and avoid the fans, their are typically 5000+ fans, and the night practice I went to there were over 12,000, if you went there and saw how crazy it was, you might have a better respect, though it's not alot compared to past years in my opinion, it is a nice haul, just missed Ben and Mendenhall on two seperate occasions and Mean Joe Greene would not sign my 8 x 10 because it was from the coke commercial he said no coke products and then wouldn't sign a card I carried as a backup.

    Will Allen
    Arnaz Battle
    Joe Burnett x2
    Ryan Clark x2
    Dennis Dixon x2
    Jon Dwyer x2
    Keyaron Fox
    Justin Hartwig
    Mewelde Moore
    Dan Sepulveda x2
    Kraig Urbik
    Hines Ward
    Mike Wallace

    8 x 10's:
    Bryant McFadden
    Jeff Reed
    Ike Taylor
    Mike Wallace
    Hines Ward

    Plan on making a few more trips before camp's over.

    Updated Trip 6 Results:
    Cards of:
    Hines Ward
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    Congrats on the Autos...nice Ward and Wallace! Have any scans?
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    Looks like you did pretty good out there. Did you see Polamalu sign at all?

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    I met MEAN Joe Greene earlier this year. I asked him to sign a football for me and he said "WHY?!?" as loud as he could. I told him because you were such a great player. He said ok then signed my ball. He literally scared the sh*t out of me when he said "WHY?!?"
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    Did rothelisberger sign?
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    Ben has signed almost everyday mostly for women and children.
    Troy has signed very little as always as well.
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    updated with Day 6 Results below the big lists :)
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