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Thread: Free Fathead Tradeables

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    Free Fathead Tradeables

    Not sure if this is where i should post this but here it is. I bought a pack also they are pretty cool I got a Patriots helment and a LT, ray lewis,hines ward and a brandon jacobs.

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    That's cool, thanks for sharing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bondsaway View Post
    Thats cool lmk if you'd be willing to trade the Ward
    sure i would trade it what would you offer from the wants in my sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchurchward View Post
    That's cool, thanks for sharing!
    I'll Try scanning and post some scans of them tomorrow

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    These are pretty neat....I bought a pack and was lucky enough to pull a Braylon. Also got Jeff Garcia, Fitzgerald, Hester, and an Eagles helmet.

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    i was gonna ask for a trade on the braylon but then i realized who pulled it, lol. king of the i need brownies threads. no chance of getting it now. nice luck on the braylon
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    Braylon Edwars

    I have 2 Braylon Edwards fathead tradeables (and several others) and I am looking to trade them for the helmets. I am trying to get all 32 helmets, but it's a slow go with only 1 per pack . . . Anyone have helmets that they want to trade ?

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    I don't. I have several others though . . Dallas (Romo/Owens, Indy (Manning / Harison), Brady, Westbrook, Bulger, Brandon Marshall, Roethlisberger, Adrian Peterson, Devin Hester & many more.

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