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Thread: college football players

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    college football players

    i dont know many ncaa football players... can u name the best ones with their team and their pos??? thanx alot... this will also help me out iwth naming guys in my ncaa football 04 game for the PS2 it rocks i recommend it totally

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    Gezz this is hard because usually the best guys of last year leave for the NFL.

    WR - Larry Fitzgerald - Pittsburgh
    RB - Maurice Clarett - Ohio State
    QB - Chris Mills - Penn State (there's probably someone better though)
    QB - Jeff Smoker - Michigan State (he was suspended the last couple games for alcohol abuse but probably the best arm in college)
    QB - Ell Roberson - Kansas State (he's mostly a runner though, not a passer)
    FB - Lousaka Polite - Pittsburgh (he got mad love from the game last year so sure he'll be high again this year)

    T can think of right now.

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    WR- Roy Williams - texas
    RB- cedric benson - texas
    Qb- reggie mcneal - texas a&m
    rb- frank gore- miama(not sure on that name sounds like it though)
    qb- marcus vick- va tech (pretty sure he is starter on this game if anything he is sophmore RS)

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    thought of some more
    TE-kellen winslow jr - miami
    TE-trent smith - OU
    i will remember some more later o yea marcus vick is number 5 cuz i am not positive he is first on depth chart on this game

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    John Navarre QB MICH
    Chris Perry RB MICH
    Braylon Edwards WR MICH
    Steve Breaston WR/PR/KR MICH
    Jason Avant WR MICH
    Grant Bowman DT MICH

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    WR- Larry Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh
    WR- Michael Clayton, LSU
    QB- Eli Manning, Ole Miss
    RB- Chris Perry, Michigan
    FB- Sean McHugh, Penn State
    TE- Ben Utecht, Minnesota (Winslow's attitude doesn't stand well with me)
    WR- Mark Clayton, Oklahoma

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