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    September 3rd.. NYFANCAM01'S 21st Birthday!!!

    it is now my B-day and i'm 21

    Some Trades On Here Would Make It An Awesome 21st!


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    happy early bday. my 21st is in 3 weeks you got any big plans for yours?

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    thanks bro! here in NC it's 12:20 AM so i'm now 21.

    no big plans, really just want to hang out with my GF today and have a chill day.

    casino/poker SOON though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyFanCam01 View Post
    casino/poker SOON though!
    you got that part right. i land in vegas on my 21st so im pretty psyched about that.

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    ^^^ so lucky! haha. i'm going to a casino to play poker tomorrow!!
    i hope i do atleast decent for my first time there

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    haha its been a trip thats been in the works for over a year. i had to save so much for it haha. ive played casino poker before(there are indian casinos around my place and you only have to be 18 to play) my only advice is dont let your self get intimidated. if they think they can push you around they will. good luck!

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