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    Does anyone have any 03 Topps DP and P Chrome RC or Refractors of Rookies

    I am looking for all 03 Topps DP and P Chrome rc's and refractors of rc's...Please let me know what you have and I will leave trade offers...
    I have a 00 UD Graded Thomas Jones jsy maroon
    02 Pristine NFL Reebok Rookie Premiere William Green jsy
    Seneca Wallace Sage Hit Emerald Auto very nice
    William Green 02 Atomic RC #'d/600 Gone
    Kevin Curtis Sage Hit Emerald Auto Very nice
    Taylor Jacobs Sage Auto 591/700
    Topps College Cuts jsy Kelley Washington orange jsy..
    01 Topps Chrome Culpepper Refractor #'d/999
    McNabb Aurora RC
    David Carr Adrenaline and Prestige RC's

    I also have a Poris UD RC That is beautiful and would grade very high...Very sharp corners Its beautiful....I would trade for right offer...
    and a bunch of 03 score rc's name who you want....

    Clay Scott

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    I know someone out there has some of these chrome cards and refractors...Even if you don't see anything you want to trade for let me know what you have...Maybe I can come up with something....I'm on a mission to put a set together of rookies...

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    would you take a 02 Pacific Adrenaline David Carr RC for it..BV 6 and a 03 Rex Grossman Score RC and 03 Taylor Jacobs Score RC for it....

    Let me know

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    do u have anymore rex grossman
    and i also have a kyle boller base set not numbered

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    I don't have anymore grossman... What do you mean by the boller base set....Its regular chrome you mean with its regular card number right...The Bellamy is a refractor right....I have a Gaffney Donruss RC i could throw into a deal as well...


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    the boller is not a refractor or a chrome
    do u have any urlacher or bears

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    nope...Would you take anything I've offered...I need it for my set...

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    Already have the simms sorry...thanks anyways..

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