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Thread: Coaching Shuffle...

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    Coaching Shuffle...

    Interesting times in the Motor City...

    • October 10th, 2002: The Detroit RedWings played their first game with Dave Lewis as the Head Coach
    • March 31st, 2003: The Detroit Tigers played their first game with Alan Trammell as manager.
    • September 7th, 2003: The Detroit Lions will play their first game with Steve Mariucci as Head Coach
    • Late Oct./Early Nov.: The Detroit Pistons will play their first game with Larry Brown as Head Coach

    In less than 400 days, all four of the "Major" sports in Detroit will have played their first game under a new Head Coach/Manager.

    Has something like this ever happened in the Sporting World before?

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    LOL... shows you how screwed up Detroit sports are! I kid I kid... I would doubt that it has ever happened before since none of the 4 moves are related in any way.

    I remember not too long ago I traded a bunch of 01 eTopps baseball to a guy whose son in law is a coach under Mooch. Meaningless I know but I just threw that in for giggles.

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    I don't recall anything like that happening in Los Angeles (Angels, Dodgers, Lakers, no football team, Mighty Ducks, Kings, Sparks, Galaxy) of late

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    Same here in Chicago- Bulls, White Sox, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Rush, Wolves, Fire, Cougars, probably other minor league teams im missing as well...

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    Well, I suppose one of the things that makes it hard to duplicate is that there aren't that many cities that have all four sports...

    Obviously there's Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, NewYork, Dallas...which other ones? I really only follow football and baseball so I'm not sure where all the NBA and NHL teams are located.

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    Okay, because I was both a little bored and curious, I did some work on the question of where teams are located. Now, I only included the four major sports: Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA), Football (NFL), and Hockey (NHL). Various people may make a case that the AFL, WNBA, MLS, or any host of other league or sport should also be included, but I think it is safe to say that the four majors are quite a bit above any other league or sport in terms of popularity in the US (and Canada). Okay, given that, here are the results:

    The following cities have at least one representative in each of the four major sports:
    • Atlanta
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Dallas (Arlington included)
    • Denver
    • Detroit
    • Miami
    • Minneapolis
    • New York (Including NJ teams)
    • Philidelphia
    • Phoenix

    That's it. Just eleven cities. I'm pretty suprised that the numbers is that low really. I would have expect it higher. Anyway, for those who are curious, here are cities with just three of the major sports represented, and the league in which they are "missing" a team.
    • Cleveland - NHL
    • Houston - NHL
    • Los Angles - NFL
    • Oakland - NHL
    • Pittsburgh - NBA
    • Seattle - NHL
    • St. Louis - NBA
    • Tampa Bay - NBA
    • Toronto - NFL
    • Washington - MLB

    There are seventeen cities in which had only ONE team amoung the major four sports. Not suprisingly the NHL leads one-team-cities with 8, many of which are Canadian. The NBA has put 6 teams in one-team-cities, and the NFL has 3. MLB teams all share their cities with at least one other sport.

    Three Cities host mutliple teams in at least one of the major sports. New York/New Jersey boasts the most teams with 9 teams. The next closest is Chicago with 5 teams. Los Angles is the other of the three cities, but it only has four professional teams dispite hosting two NBA teams. Los Angles doesn't have an NFL team.

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    I'd like to have an NFL team in Toronto but I doubt there will ever be a team in Canada little own Toronto.

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    In San Francisco's pro sports both have a new head coach this year. Dennis Erickson taking over for Steve Marriuci as the 49ers head coach and Felipe Alou taking over for Dusty Baker as the Giants manager.

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    That just shows you Detroit sports are strange...very strange. It's funny how dominate the Tigers were, especially during the 1st World Series when Ty Cobb ruled the baseball world. Now they're terrible.


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