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Thread: Kobe card for sale!

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    Kobe card for sale!Or TRADE!!

    96/97 HOOPS Grants All Rookies 1 of 996 BV 250

    Scan available
    if i sell it it will be $60 ...shipping free
    Trade only for autos,or autos/jersey
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    c'mon man, get yourself an ebay account!

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    Thumbs down It is annoying!

    Originally posted by bdrr
    c'mon man, get yourself an ebay account!
    i'm tired of seeing a post with u trying to mess it up! If u are not interested in that or those cards just dont post! c'mon! it's annoying! :321:

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    excuse me! you dont even know where this is coming from, i suggest you keep your mouth shut!

    hes been saying he wants to sell stuff on ebay but doesnt have an account...he would get better money there than here and we all know it...

    youre the annoying one!

    btw, tatotop...i have a pierce flashback fabrics id trade if you have any autos not listed on your site
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    Ben#1Dawg...i suggest u leave the veterens on this site alone...he is doing nuthing to ruin the trade for the spx u and me have and is doing nuthing to hurt the kobe trade...thats alll...thats just my 2 cents.

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    The reason i don't have ebay account bcoz i don't have credit card and i don't have registered email.thats why.

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