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    Among ALL of the Main Events...

    ...I have been searching for and trying to get of McMurray, I also have been able to pick this up for my collection of him:

    The card is from 1994, and was given to the seller's father from Jamie's father. It has some wear to it and is even stained (as you can tell from the scans). That doesn't matter too much to me though. After all, how often are one of these seen?

    Well, thank you for your time and for letting me share this newest addition with yinz!

  2. Kronozio
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    Sweet add Darin!
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    thats a cool card! congrats man!
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    thats one of those awesome finds that isn't anything super high end. Gotta love when those come in. very cool piece to have in the collection

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    Stained or not, I would be proud to add that to my pc too if that was my driver. Awesome addition.

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