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Thread: 2001 Private Stock Jerseys

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    2001 Private Stock Jerseys

    Does anyone have any of the 2001 Private Stock Jerseys? I'm interested in any you may have. Will buy or trade. Let me know.


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    I have 16 or 17 different ones! Don't have time right now to list them, but I will tomorrow if you want.

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    Yes! Very, very interested. Just let me know who and what you need for trade.


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    I have these cards:

    Randall Cunningham #8
    Eric Moulds #16
    Dameyune Craig #19
    William Floyd #20
    D'Wayne Bates #25
    Brandon Bennett #30 (x 2)
    Steve Beuerlein #47
    Charlie Batch #55
    Sedrick Irvin #57
    Marcus Pollard #68
    Mike Cloud #78
    Trent Green #79
    Warren Moon #81
    Ray Lucas #83
    Michael Bishop #95 (x 2)
    J.R. Redmond #100
    Donnell Bennett #138 (x 2)

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    I could use almost all of them :), but for now I need:

    Donnell Bennett
    Mike Cloud
    William Floyd
    D' Wayne Bates

    Can we trade? What do you need? Lmk.


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    I like most game used cards, serially numbered cards, rookies, etc.
    I'm a big Bucs fan as well, also like the Steelers. Not looking for anything in particular. Do you have a list of stuff?

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    Don't have a list, but I can list stuff for you. I'll do it tomorrow, will have a lot more time.


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    I have the Rob Konrad

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    I'm on the way to losing my alvis whitted to cardbuyer66. You can contact him if you're interested in it. If he decides he'd like to trade it to you, I could ship it straight to you. LMK what you 2 decide on, or if you even want the card.

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    I have these:

    terance mathis #7
    jonathan linton #14
    leslie shepherd #87

    ONLY looking for Patches and Autos of Brady,Peterson,Barry Sanders, Walter Payton,Jim Brown, Old School, HOF players and items of Randy Rhoads & OZZY.

    link to bucket:
    Hidden Content

    I do not collect base or inserts, so don't offer them

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