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    Quite amazing CBJ success - with question

    Had quite a good day today when the Blue Jackets played in sweden, and had sevral players to sign a 8*10. One thing confuses me though. As I got it signed at 2 diffrent times, Manson told me that he signed it alredy when I asked him and had him to sign another, but I can´t for the life of me find him. Also, I cant find anythink to even look like the oter one he signed. There are a few I´m not sure of, can you help me with this and give me an answer if Manosn where wrong when he said he had signed it.

    The photo can bee seen here

    I think it would be like this; can someonw confirm or deny?

    1 Marc Methot
    2 Jan Hejda
    3 David LeNeveu
    4 Rostislav Klesla
    5 Jared Boll
    6 Jakub Voracek
    7 Derick Bassard
    8 Anton Stralman (Hard to see, but I know he signed the photo)
    9 Rick Nash
    10 RJ Umberger
    11 Mike Commendore
    12 Nikita Filatov (the signature makes no sense, but seeams to be # 28)
    13 Kristian Huselius (Hard to see, but I know he signed the photo)
    14 Fedor Tyutin
    15 Samuel Pahlsson
    16 Kriss Russel
    17 Kyle Wilson
    18 Derek Dorsett

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    if by manson you mean mason (steve mason), i dont see his signature anywhere on that pic

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    Yeah, I was indeed refering to Mason, but i was quite tierd when I wrote the post, so that explains the bad spelling and the worng name on him...

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    haha i figured it was mason...either way, i dont see his auto on there...if you can get a hold of US stamps, send him TTM...he's super quick and signs everything

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    Looks about right; I don't see Mason on there anywhere either. Awesome job though, I'm quite jealous! Did you get these at practice?
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