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Thread: A couple of firsts for me.....

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    A couple of firsts for me.....

    Hey Guys,
    So money has been kinda tight for me lately so I've really had to pick and choose what I get.
    This first card represents two firsts for me. My first race used from this years Showcase set, plus my first Danica race used. I think I did OK with it, got it for less than $25 DLVD.


    This next card is my first Main Event card.


    Thanks for lookin!

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    Well, you know me, I like some Danica...but that Truex patch is great!!

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    Wow. Danica for less than $25 and that Truex patch makes mine look like toilet paper.
    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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    That is....astonishing!!!
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    Truex patch is astonishingly amazing....

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    Very nice ...Way to go !!
    Those are Awesome !
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    the hat patch is sick!!!!!congrats
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    that truex is sooo freaking nasty!

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