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Thread: selling pokemon cards

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    selling pokemon cards

    here is the list of pokemon cards i have for sale

    octillery star reverse holo
    omanyte holo common
    latios rare holo
    glaceon uncommon
    vaporeon jungle rare
    vaporeon lv.48 rare
    spheal common reverse holo
    palkia lv.72 rare reverse holo
    palkia lv. 67 promo holo
    gyarados rare holo
    gyarados uncommon reverse holo
    gyarados rare reverse holo
    gyarados rare lv.52
    lapras rare holo
    staryu common holo
    huntail silver star rare holo
    relicanth holo star
    kingdra rare
    seaking reverse holo rare
    poliwrath star holo
    togetic silver star rare
    arceus star rare lv.100 whole card holo
    lugia legend bottom half
    feebas common reverse holo
    wooper common reverse
    tentacruel star rare holo

    houndoom star holo
    magmortar star reverse holo
    vulpix common reverse
    ninetales star holo
    charmander star holo
    charizard G rare reverse
    charizard star reverse
    old charizard star no holo
    charizard star
    rapidash star reverse
    cyndaquil common reverse
    rapidash lv.43 star
    flareon star holo
    dark typhlosion star holo
    blaziken star holo
    latias silver star holo
    latias star
    growlithe common reverse
    arcanine star holo
    arcanine ex star holo
    arcanine lv.53 holo
    heataran lv. 58 star holo
    moltres lv.42 star reverse
    moltres star fossil
    ho-oh ex star holo
    ho-oh legend top half
    camerupt G lv.57 star
    camerupt star holo
    entei & raikou legend both halves

    voltorb common holo x2
    electrode star
    old electrode star
    jolteon star holo
    jolteon ex holo
    pidgey common holo
    surfing pikachu star holo
    flying pickachu star holo
    pickachu promo holo
    raichu uncommon holo
    raichu star
    magneton star
    zapdos star reverse
    zabdos shiny reverse star
    mewtwo star
    ampharos lv.57 holo star
    manectric ex star holo

    comon ekans reverse
    common sunkern holo
    venomoth base 2 star
    bulbasaur shiny reverse
    venusaur star holo
    venusaur lv.55 star holo
    butterfree star
    victreebel star holo x2 ones silver star
    victreebel base 2 star
    golbat uncommon holo
    sceptile lv.59 star
    meganium star holo
    meganium star
    gloom lv.22 common reverse
    tangrowth lv.48 holo
    tangrowth lv.x holo
    leafeon lv.42 star holo
    nidoking star holo-SOLD
    beedrill lv.47 star
    beedrill star
    giovanni's nidoqueen star
    cacturne lv.44 star
    yanma silver star holo
    vespiquen lv.50 star
    lileep common holo
    jumpluff star reverse
    sceptile lv.57 star

    dratini common shiny reverse
    dark dragonair uncommon shiny reverse
    light dragonair star
    dragonite ex star holo
    garchomp lv.66 star holo
    blissey silver star holo
    happiny lv.8 common holo
    pidgeotto star
    pidgeot star reverse
    pidgeot star holo
    pidgeot lv.50 star
    pidgeot star holo jungle-SOLD
    jungle kangaskhan star-SOLD
    deoxys star holo
    clefairy common holo
    delcatty silver star holo
    rayquaza star holo
    stantler silver star holo
    snorlax star holo
    aerodactyl star holo
    flygon lv.65 star reverse
    salamence star
    salamence ex star holo

    kabutops fossil star-SOLD
    kabutops star holo
    hitmonchan star holo
    machamp 1st edition star holo
    golem star holo
    golem star
    light machamp star
    machamp gl lv.64 uncommon
    dugtrio star
    nidoking star
    aerodactyl fossil star-SOLD
    aerodactyl lv.47 star
    poliwrath star holo

    aggron lv.53 star
    raichu star holo
    steelix ex star holo
    holon's magneton star
    holon's silver star holo
    registeel star
    dialga lv.68 promo holo
    skarmory star holo
    heatran lv.45 star

    mightyena silver star holo
    tyranitar ex star
    dark tyranitar silver star holo
    tyranitar lv.61 star
    crawdaunt star holo
    sharpedo lv.39 star
    darkrai lv.61 promo star
    sableye G lv.58 star
    dark dragonite star
    deoxys star holo
    umbreon star reverse

    double type ex. fire/water
    latios silver star holo
    latias star holo
    espeon star holo
    jolteon star holo
    flareon star holo
    vaporeon star holo
    flygon star holo
    walrein star holo
    kyogre star
    azumarill star
    dark marowak silver star holo
    blastoise star holo

    shining mewtwo triple star holo
    alakazam lv.x star holo
    alakazam star holo-SOLD
    swalot lv.40 star reverse
    metagross star holo
    slowking star
    gengar lv.46 star
    dark gengar star holo
    gengar silver star holo
    gengar star holo
    giratina lv.55 star holo
    giratina lv.70 star holo
    deoxys silver star holo
    lugia star holo
    espeon lv.55 star
    dustox lv.42 star holo
    wobbuffet star holo
    grovyle star

    open to any offers i have pics of all of them if interested and also some ex cards that arent listed

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