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Thread: 2 Sweet GU Cards For Trade

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    2 Sweet GU Cards For Trade


    I have these 2 sweet cards for trade,

    01-02 Arturs Irbe BAP Memorabilia All-Star In The Numbers $??? (purple/with stitching) Stated Print Run 10!! ASN-46

    02-03 Pavel Bure Atomic Jersey $20 (black/white/yellow) #15

    Send me your GU tradelist if interested.


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    Im interested in both (depending on how much bv you are looking for the Irbe)
    my tradelist is in my sig

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    What BV do you want for the Irbe. Very interested.

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    Ville Nieminen,

    Sorry I didn't see anything on your tradelist that interested me. Thanks anyway.

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    I'm looking for about $80 to $100 Dollars in cards. Send me your tradelist or tell me where is is located.

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    I have to update my tradelist bigtime, what do you want? Cards in the 80-100 dollar range, or cards that add up to that amount?

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    I would like good cards that are worth between $80 and $100. Send me the cards you have.

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