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    Autographed Baseballs for Trade for other authentic auto baseballs

    I have some to trade, if you want to trade with me they must have a hologram and be from a reputable company (Tri-Star, Steiner, MLB,) and also be verifiable. Here is who I have to trade and/or sell...reply back with who you have and maybe we can work out a trade

    Mark Prior
    Roy Oswalt
    Curt Schilling
    Roger Clemens

    ones I have that were from a minor league person, some from Just Minors and come with a certificate of authenticity. these I am willing to trade for auto/game used type stuff pulled from packs.

    Sean Casey
    Nick Johnson
    Roy Oswalt
    Lance Berkman

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    id like the clemens. whats it worth? take a look at my site

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    Interested in the Prior and the Just Minors balls. I don't know if I have any balls with holograms on them besides a Roy Oswalt and Barry Bonds, though. What would you be looking for on the Prior? And just Baseball GU/Autos for the balls? And, if so, how much BV?

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    Clemens ball is worth $300 +

    And yes just autos in return to street
    Prior = $125

    Sean Casey $50

    Nick Johnson $75

    Oswalt $75

    Berkman $100

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    Would you trade a Clemens ball for a Pedro Martinez ball. I got two of them out at royals stadium this year and he did sweet spot them in pen. Let me know.


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    no thanks, the clemens ball is authentic and has a hologram to go with it. sorry.

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    I took what you were saying Tuff Stuff had it at and what it was selling for on MLB and split them in half. That was the value I was giving you back then.

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    I found a new value for it that may be more accurate. Tuff Stuff just started listing authenticated autographed balls. Their new pricing for an authenticated casey ball is $45, so your pricing was actually pretty close. If you'd like, I could tell you the pricing for all of the guys you have here.

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