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    Rick- I would be interested in any NHL pocket skeds you get and any magnet schedules. Do you just email the teams or how do you do it?

    Thanks, Brian

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    Yeah, just go to the team sites & there's usually a "contact us" button to click. Sometimes you have to search but they are there. LMK if after contacting any teams & you get something if you don't get a pocket schedule. I just want at least 1 of each I get to keep.

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    Vancouver Canucks
    1 letter of thanks
    1 sticker
    2 4x6 photo cards (Brent Sopel & Trevor Linden) both have '03-'04 schedule on back

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    Atlanta Thrashers
    1 letter of thanks
    1 lapel pin of the mascot in a Thrashers uniform
    3 Philips Arena stickers (woo hoo)
    11 5x7 player cards : Ilya Kovalchuk, Shawn McEachern, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Pasi Nurminen, Ronald Petrovicky, Andy Sutton, Marc Savard, Francis Lessard, Patrik Stefan, Serge Aubin, Bob Hartley (Head Coach)

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    Recieved this fan pack in today,

    Atlanta Thrashers

    3 Stickers

    10 BIG CARDS of some players



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    today brought the calgary flames a 2003 -2004 roster card 6 stickers jarome iginla ,miikka kiprusoff , and chris clark oversized cards and a thank you letter

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    Wow people are getting NHL packs. I got a few at the start of the "season". but I guess most teams dont have stuff to give.

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    i got a fan pack from the thrashers saturday. it had some players cards and one signed by byron dafoe.

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    (2) Atlanta Thrashers (note: they also sent autographed cards)
    Boston Bruins
    Chicago Blackhawks
    (2) Nashville Predators
    (2) St. Louis Blues
    Carolina Hurricanes
    Florida Panthers
    Montreal Canadiens
    San Jose Sharks
    Vancouver Canucks

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