Other Sports Theme Weeks 2010

Contest Runs from October 25 through January 3rd

Rules and Regulations:

All entries must meet the following criteria:
1. The image of the card accompanied by a handwritten note (in the same image) including SCF user name and date of entry. This is to prevent attempts to pass off others cards as their own.
2. Entries must be submitted in the contest time frame and remain valid until after voting ends. If you remove your entry before voting ends, your entry will be ineligible for prizes.
3. Entries must be relevant to the theme….entries that don’t adhere to the specifications of the theme will be ineligible for prizes.

After the weekly contest has ended, there will be a vote to determine the winners. As far as promotion goes, You can put a link in your signature to the contest voting and use the voting thread to discuss why your card is the best entry. Those are the only two ways to promote your card. You cannot ask members or bribe members to vote for you. If you are caught soliciting a vote outside of this thread and your signature then you will no longer be eligible for the Theme Weeks Contest. Also, creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself will result in site suspension and possible ban, so just don’t do it! Play fair or you WILL get caught….

Each week, standings points will be awarded in the following fashion:

1st Place: 4 points
2nd Place: 2 points
3rd Place: 1 point
All Other Qualifying Entries: .5 points

Additionally, 15 Card Cash will be awarded to every qualifying entry after voting closes for each week.

At the end of this contest, the first place finisher will get first selection from the prize pool, second place will get the next selection, and third will get the final selection. The prize pool is as follows:

2010 UFC Main Event Rashad Evans Mat Relic

2010 UFC Main Event Debut Yoshiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher Parallel #/188

30 Card 2001 Upper Deck Golf lot including Base,Inserts & Tiger’s Tales!

Theme weeks will be run throughout all the other sports forums:
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Be sure to check all the forums regularly so you don’t miss out on a theme week and miss out on crucial standings points!

Standings as of October 25,2010: