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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    I'd probably ask for 65, and looking at ebay, that seems fair.

    I looked at sold listings and tried to find autographs on photos and magazines that didn't come out right or that didn't show up. I found these: nma=true&si=0zbUwLGVnYk5SwtpNNAGaBd8PI0%253D&orig_ cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 nma=true&si=0zbUwLGVnYk5SwtpNNAGaBd8PI0%253D&orig_ cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    Those all sold for more than 65. If you can find some counterexamples where his autograph on an item like this, although it's not the best, sold for a lot less than I'll think about it

    I generally base all my values on ebay "sold" lists. It's the surest bet to assigning value.
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    Amazing D-Wade it looks beautiful the second one. Great job
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    Collecting Michael Pineda, Kyle Seager and Carlos Delgado

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    Just want to showcase more of the floorboards. I printed more stickers and mounted them tonight.

    More to come later this week as I finish these up! They've been lying around for months now, but my DWade has inspired me!

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    P.S. the last tyson chandler is for sale.

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    More floors: here's the last of them from my collection

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    Finally got out for a day of graphing again- I really treasure these rare moments these days with my work schedule. It was an up and down day but I finally got my graph as usual.

    I graphed the Penguins on arrival (thanks to JTBruds for some tips). I managed to sneak away from work for 45 minutes to catch the bus. It was looking pretty good, with just myself, 3 other guys, and a girl who happened to be staying at the hotel who went out and bought a jersey when she heard they would be staying there. Not a bad crowd.

    The bus rolls in, and suddenly 3-4 guys muscle their way through like they own the place. Guys I've never seen before (and I do hotels regularly for other sports). They try to cut in front of us, the guys who have been waiting there for an hour in the front row. So the guys get off the bus. Malkin starts signing and signing a lot. I had a puck for him and I held it out for him.

    He started signing the photo UNDERNEATH the puck, but the photo was of crosby. He stopped signing midway through his sig because he realized it wasn't him when he saw the puck. I asked him to sign on the puck and he wouldn't and he kept moving down the line. AND he ruined my crosby picture. UGH.

    So now I had to get crosby on the puck, so he was the last one off the bus. I am first in line to get him. As he walks past me, the 3 guys who rolled in before, push up alongside and in front of me and hold out their items for crosby. He starts signing for them. As he's signing I'm trying to get my item in to him, but he won't take the silver to sign my puck, nor will he use the blue seemingly to sign my (ruined by malkin) photo (at that point I would take what I can get).

    As he was signing over there, people from the other side started pushing in and he got bum rushed. He shut down signing and moved farther down the line to the door, signing for the last 2 people. I was able to push my way up to him again right as he was going in the door, signing a guy's puck in deco. I put my puck 2 inches away from the other guy's puck and said "can you please sign it in the same marker before you give it back?"

    He capped the marker and handed it back to the guy without signing it (Cliff lee did that to me once- it's excruciating).

    So that was that. I had to run back to work to take care of some things for a half hour, so I did that, since I was told that last time the team went out to eat 2 hours after arrival, so I had some time to kill. I got my work done and swung back to the hotel.

    When I returned, only one guy still remained from the crowd, and he told me that the rest had left because Crosby had JUST come out and signed for everyone, before going to dinner. I JUST MISSED HIM WHILE I WAS AT WORK. UGH!!!!!

    I decided I couldn't let myself get bad beat like that, so I hung out for ~90 minutes before Crosby returned. I was the only one there at that point. I very loudly and politely said "Mr. Crosby, I missed out on getting you earlier, could you please sign my puck?"

    He was really friendly and replied "Of course." He came over and gave me the full sig, not the S-scribble he was giving everyone else throughout the day. I thanked him for making my night. Here it is- looks beautiful (and unlike the D-Wade graph, the silver didn't mess up this time).

    I'm not a hockey fan, but since the Stanley Cup finals against the flyers and since the olympics crosby is a guy I have come to respect and I have wanted to add him to my collection for 2 years now. So I had to put in a lot of time but it was worth it!

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    Awesome puck. Great signature. Can't beat getting Crosby.

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    Crosby regularly carries his own black sharpie & won't use your markers, so getting pucks is tough, but i've heard he's been better the past 2 seasons. it's definitely a nice Crosby of the best IP ones i've ever seen. one thing though...Pens never played the Flyers in the SC Finals. they're in the same Conference so it's not possible but i take it you just meant the SC playoffs since they've played Philly 3x (i believe) in the playoffs since Crosby's been in the league.
    congrats, he was out injured when i did them last season at the hotel so i got Malkin but not Crosby. its amazing they sign but most of the rest of the team are a-holes (Letang, Fleury, Orpik, etc...)

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    Thanks for the kudos on the graph. I think that your factual correction is correct, sorry for my slipup (I said that I don't follow hockey haha).

    I'm glad you think the graph is as good as I think it is. I don't know what that guy in the ink thread was talking about saying it was bad...

    As you said, Letang was a jerk to the guy I was graphing with, but he did sign. I had nothing for him. I was just after Crosby.

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