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    Awesome job! You killed it.
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    Very nice successes.

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    Congrats on all the Spring Training Successes man, you literally killed it.

    P.S., may be rude to ask, but if you don't have a destination for all those McGwire balls, PM me plz. Was a HUGE fan of McGwire since i was a child and desperately need an auto ball. Will try and give you a good offer.

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    Not rude at all- PM sent.

    I wish I had a house to display this stuff. At least for the baseballs I have a small cube display in my room that the balls will go into, the rest not so much.

    Thanks for the comments!

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    Always love your annual spring posts, easily one of the top threads on scf!

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    If that Brandon Phillips SP is available, PM me. I've got a buddy who would love it.

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    Nice haul Erik. Glad you finally got your Kemp sig.

    Did you ask Kemp to SS or did he do it on his own? I see him SP all the time. Also, did you ask Trout for a SS and he still SP anyway?

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    Thanks for all the comments. It really was, between the sightseeing and the baseball, one of the best trips I've ever had.

    Kemp surprisingly was SSing without being asked. Even more surprising given that he yelled at me.

    Trout only signed for me as he left the game and the tunnel was so far below that I had to lean in with all my 6'6" frame to even get it from him, so I wasn't able to ask it happened so fast. From what I've told it's rare that he sps. Either way I'm beyond stoked to get him.

    I got trout ttm when he was a great signer 2 years ago on a 4x6 photo, but this item means more to me given it's ip.

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    Went back and looked at the Trout 4x6, would you ever be willing to trade that? Send me a pm!

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    I finally got my dozen baseball cubes in the mail, so I finally displayed all my recent successes in my bedroom. Here it is:

    Top row:

    Sidney Crosby Puck
    Hanley Ramirez Ball (left-most)
    Andrew McCutchen
    Ivan Rodriguez
    Nomar Garciaparra
    Jason Heyward
    (next row)
    Albert Pujols
    Mike Trout
    (next row)
    David Wright
    Josh Hamilton
    David Price
    (on the floor to the left in a pile)
    Roy Halladay
    (off to the left- willy aybar actual homerun ball that he hit and signed)

    (off to the right in a pile)
    Big Papi
    Chipper Jones
    Don Mattingly

    (in front in a row)
    Jay Bruce
    Eric Hosmer
    Evan Longoria
    Gerrit Cole
    Dusty Baker

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