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Thread: Some Help: QB and RB maybe DST

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    Some Help: QB and RB maybe DST

    Well I got hit hard this week between Byes and Injuries.

    Flacco is on a Bye and I had Favre as a back up but dropped Favre for Henne. Turner is on a bye and D. Will is doubtful. My other RB is Michael Bush. WR's Collie is hurt and Royal has been blowing B@!!$ lately. The Ravens DST is on a bye so I picked up the Raiders because they embarrassed the Broncos last week.

    My questions are:


    Should I keep Henne in or drop Henne for Stafford. I think I'm gonna roll with Henne because I don't know how good Stafford is going to be in his first game back.

    RB: Who should I pick up for my #2 RB spot:

    Mike Hart, Forsett, or Marion Barber. I am leaning towards Barber but his performances lately have been awful. There is nobody else out there on waivers besides these 3.


    Should I stick with the Raiders or go with Chiefs vs BUF or Broncos vs SF. Kind of torn on this one. Raiders D isnt that good but they were good last week. Chiefs have been up and down and Buffalo ripped through the Ravens D last week. Broncos got lit up by the Raiders.

    All in all this is going to be a pretty bad week no matter how I look at it but I would like to minimize the damage and score as many points as I can because ties in the standings are decided by Points For.

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    IMO, Id go with Stafford at QB. Havent been to impressed with Henne, and I dont think the Lions will be worse with Stafford at QB over Hill. RB if thats all you had to chose, Id probably go Barber. Not good options, but the Jags run D isnt that great so maybe he could have a good game. Id also look at Donald Brown if he is available. As far as Def. Id go with the Chiefs. Im really shocked they are available. They are a very good D and the Bills arent anything special. I also think the Broncos are a good option. Troy Smith is starting for the 49ers and they are limiting the amount of plays they run because he doesnt know the playbook. I really dont see any 49ers doing anything other than Gore and they may stack the box against him

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    I think Mike Hart is your best bet at RB, especially since Addai is banged up. As far as QB's go, Henne hasn't played bad all year, I'd stick with him over Stafford (who reportedly still isn't completely healthy). Lastly, for defenses, I'd pick up KC because Buffalo has the worst offense in the NFL.

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