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Thread: Whats the best.....

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    Whats the best.....

    I was wondering whats the best box for its price im not looks for a box that would be over $115 Canadian... im mainly looking for alot of rookies could care less about jersey or autograph cards.

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    pacific calder hockey? Any idea like the odds in the box and around the price keep in mind my store is very over priced

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    Oh yea, a suggestion. If your local store is really overpriced, like mine, get them off the internet, they are so much cheaper and there are a lot of reputable dealers out there.

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    i've bought 2 boxes of Calder and have gotten great rookies with it. i think you get 2 or 3 a box but like 70% of the card are of players still eligable for the Calder Trophy so u get lotsa young stars

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