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    My submission for memorabilia super collector

    OOPS..missed the number of required posts until I reread the rules..Not sure how to delete. Will try again when I hit the required amount of posts..Sorry.
    This Ad will be removed when you a member of

    1st Requirement - Autographed Items Owned :60+ Signed baseballs, mini helmets, 8x10s , hockey puck and stick and full size footballs.
    NOT including the 150+ TTM cards I have

    2nd Requirement- Game Worn/Used : I have 5 game-used Denver Broncos jersey, 1 game used Broncos uniform pants and Neil Smith's autographed, game used cleats

    3rd Requirement- Miscellaneous Memorabilia :
    I have too many items to count..Hundreds of keychains, buttons, mugs, action figures etc.

    4th Requirement-
    I have 150+ TTM autos

    5th Requirement- Proof:

    pics of my "mancave"

    6th Requirement- Post Count:

    A bit over 100, but I think I'm in good standing. No reason to think I'm not.

    7th Requirement - A Little Information on Your Collection:

    I am a huge fan of the Denver Broncos and my collection mainly focuses on them. I lived in Denver for several years and was able to obtain a ton of autographs and game used items directly from the team. I also collect New York Yankees, Buffalo Sabres and Syracuse University basketball, as well as NFL HOF signed items. My favorites are my Sabres Alumni stick, Yogi Berra signed ball and Neil Smith game used, signed cleats.
    I hope I meet the criteria for a memorabilia supercollector. Thank you for your consideration.

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    I would like a chance to become a Super Collector of Rob Schremp (NHL, NY Islanders.) Sports Memorabilia, and collectables

    1st Requirement - Autographed Items Owned:
    I own many autographed items of Rob Schremp (NHL).I have over 30 autographs of Rob Schremp and continueing to grow. All autographed: Authentic Jersey, mini helmet, 8x10 pictures, magazines, team photo, year book, programs, panoramic of NY Islander stadium (auto’ed by 17 different players), Hats, Puck, Mini Sticks, In Person auto’ed cards, team schedule, ticket stubs, and more.

    2nd Requirement- Game Worn/Used :
    I don’t have any game used equipment at the moment. I don’t have the income to fund this. I am a low income family right now. In the future I would like to obtain something if the price is right and if I have the funds.

    3rd Requirement- Miscellaneous Memorabilia:
    I have some miscellaneous memorabilia like a pennant, pictures, Islanders work gloves, hats, mouse pad, newspaper articles, ect. Everything I get I would like to, and will in the future have Rob autograph it for me.

    4th Requirement- No Cards
    I do have some cards: some game used, certified autographs, (2) Press Plates (1 of 1’s), base, inserts, show stamped. I am more focused on collecting memorabilia and getting it autographed.

    5th Requirement- Proof:
    Here is a link to my photobucket of my entire collection, please have fun and enjoy.

    6th Requirement- Post Count
    1,346 and counting everyday.
    7th Requirement - A Little Information on Your Collection
    For those that don’t know me, Rob Schremp is my step cousin, so autographs are easier to get. I knew Rob when he was growing up, (throughout his career). We knew that Rob had talent and maybe one day would play in the NHL. Back in 2000 Rob was 13 years old, and had trading cards made of him. Also in 2000 Rob had the opportunity to appear in a training video staring the Great One himself (Wayne Gretzky). I am trying to track down a copy of the video. I don’t know the name of the video. I am trying to get memorabilia from every team Rob played for throughout his career. I am looking to get hats, pucks, mini sticks, pictures, ect. And other unique memorabilia I can get my hands on. My parents go to a couple games a year and get autographs for me. I see Rob 1-2 times a year, and I get more autographs when he comes home. Rob has a couple pieces of mine at the moment. I also have some memorabilia coming in the near future to get autographed. Most of my collection has been given to me by family members, and also Rob. I have very little out of pocket expense. Please take a look at my collection and enjoy.

    My favorite pieces in my collection are:
    NY Islander Panoramic picture of the stadium (Center Ice) Autographed by the team (17 autographs). This took several months to get back. It took a lot of time, patients, trust. I was worried about the condition it would come back in. I was very pleased how great it came back.

    NY Islanders Authentic Jersey Autographed

    NY Islanders Mini Helmet Autographed.

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    See gbnerd04's Items on eBay

    I would like to be a memrobillia super collector

    1st Requirement - Autographed Items Owned : I have mostly packers autos but i have others they can be found in link in section 5

    2nd Requirement- Game Worn/Used : I have two worn hats by Michael Waltrip and David Streme. Pics section 5

    3rd Requirement- Miscellaneous Memorabilia : I have a ton of packers items including, custom gumball machine, helmets, cheese head, neon light, posters pics section 5.

    4th Requirement- No Cards: I do have cards but none in my memorabilia collection

    5th Requirement- Proof: pics of everything can be found here:

    6th Requirement- Posts: over 3,500 and counting

    7th Requirement - A Little Information on Your Collection: I collect packers because im a die hart packers fan ive been watching them since i can remember ill die being a packers fan lol
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    1st Requirement - Autographed Items Owned :

    I pretty easily pass by the 50 amount, though don't have hundreds or anything like some do. Favorite ones on baseballs are Reggie Jackson and Bobby Doerr. I kind of like my Dave Andreychuk signed puck as well. (no reason why)

    2nd Requirement- Game Worn/Used :

    I have a game used signed & inscribed batting glove by Cubs top prospect Brett Jackson, grand slam baseball signed by this coming year's top draft pick Chad Krist, over 20 game used ROMLBs as well as a minor league ball or two and over 60 game used Cal Berkeley baseballs. I have a lot more batting gloves worn by players, as being a kid really helps with that kind of thing.

    3rd Requirement- Miscellaneous Memorabilia :

    I have lots of season programs from college days of top prospects, lots of cool stuff that was given out at Cal Ripken's 2131 game, autographed ticket stubs, ticket stub from Bonds 714, old Yankee Stadium figurine, Reggie Jackson professional model glove and much, much more. I have a very large collection of bobbleheads too. I know it isn't baseball like I'm kind of applying to, but I have bobbleheads of the entire LA Clippers team from a few years ago.

    4th Requirement- No Cards

    Lots of IP and TTM autos on cards.

    5th Requirement- Proof
    I only have some of it pictured because I recently moved and can't find everything/don't have it all out. My TTM/IP autos are in "Uncertified autos."

    6th Requirement- Post Count
    Not a problem.

    7th Requirement - A Little Information on Your Collection
    I've been a big baseball fan all my life and find memorabilia to be more of personal value to me than cards. (though cards are nice too) Lots of this stuff comes easy to me as well. I have the school that produces the most first round draft picks of any school in the country just a half-hour away. I can get batting gloves and that type of stuff all the time pretty easily. Being a kid makes it easier to ask for those things too.

    I've been collecting signed baseballs for awhile as well memorabilia. One of the main reasons I think I should be a supercollector is that out of all the items I have, not a single one was purchased. I have not paid one penny for my memorabilia collection, but rather go to games and work for it myself. This is also why you don't see me on the memorabilia forum too often, as I'd rather just get it myself.
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    See JRule15's Items on eBay

    Thanks for the applications, I have a fairly busy weekend but I'll do my best to get to all of them as soon as I can.

    Thanks again.

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    Montreal Canadiens Toronto Blue Jays San Francisco 49ers
    Twitter: @@RealRGM81 See price31collector's Items on eBay Instagram: COMC Cards For Sale Upper Deck ePack

    I would like to submit my application to be considered a Carey Price Memorabilia Super Collector. In addition to having one of the best Price card collections out there I also have a significant amount of Price memorabilia in my personal collection.

    1st Requirement – 10 autographed items
    16x20 - First Game*
    16x20 - Dual with Josh Gorges*
    16x20 - Game-Used Stick Action*
    8x10 - Spotlight (IP auto signing)

    8x10 - Retro Jersey*
    8x10 - #1 Fan - Mask Close-Up*
    8x10 - Dual with Andrei Markov*
    8x10 - First Game Score Sheet*
    4x6 - WHL All Star (IP)

    4x6 - Canadiens Team Issue Postcard (TTM)

    Other Signed Items
    2009 All Star Game Puck*

    All items marked with an * are certified authentic through Price 31 Authentic.

    2nd Requirement – 1 Game Used Item
    I own a game-used stick – the stick has been photo-matched to two games in March 2009. Purchased through the Canadiens in spring 2009.

    3rd Requirement – Miscellaneous Memorabilia
    I have all of the McFarlane Sports Picks that have been made of Carey Price, including all variants:
    2008-09 McFarlane Hockey #120 Carey Price
    2008-09 McFarlane Hockey #121 Carey Price Variant White Helmet
    2009-10 McFarlane Hockey Grosnor Sports Picks Carey Price
    2010-11 McFarlane Hockey Series 26 Carey Price
    2010-11 McFarlane Hockey Series 26 Collector Level Bronze Carey Price
    Additionally I have a McDonald’s Mini Mask, a Photo Puck, a Hamilton Bulldogs Calder Cup Bobblehead, the program from his NHL Debut against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and my Canadiens hat has an embroidered 31 on it.

    4th – No Cards
    Well I have those but won’t get into it too much, other than to mention my autographed Panini Certified Shirt Off My Back Carey Price/Patrick dual memorabilia card. Last December the company that does all of Price’s signings held a private session with both Price and Patrick Roy. I sent in my card to get it signed by both.

    5th Requirement – The Proof!
    Signed Photos & Puck -
    Game-Used Stick:
    First Game Program:
    McFarlane Figures:

    6th Requirement – Post Count
    With over 14,000 posts I’m here for the long haul. :)

    7th Requirement – A little info about my collection.
    Carey Price is my favourite player playing on my favourite team. As a lifelong Habs fan, I have a great respect for the tremendous tradition of excellent goaltenders on the team and I believe that Price is up to the challenge of living up to that excellent legacy. Ever since he burst on to the scene at the 2007 World Juniors I’ve taken notice of him, and he is actually the reason that I got back into the hobby in 2008. I’ve always enjoyed collecting photos and other memorabilia, and as much as I love my card collection, some of the items in the memorabilia collection are just my favourite pieces. The game-used stick is the absolute centerpiece of my collection – I was fortunate enough to be able to get it through the Canadiens at their end-of-season equipment sale and I just love it. I would love to be able to add more such game-used memorabilia, but with his incredible popularity items usually sell out very quickly and at very high prices. The signed team postcard is another favourite piece, as my wife got it for me as a birthday present. Finally, the personalized autograph photo was my reward from Carey Price’s official website, where I was recognized as Carey’s #1 Fan back in September 2009. That’s a title I wear proudly, and I never lost confidence in him when it seemed like most of Montreal’s fans did. It’s been very rewarding to see him back at the top of his form, and only further inspires me to continue building up my super memorabilia collection.
    Carey Price fan and collector!
    Hidden Content Hidden Content ! 246 Unique Cards + 14 1/1's!!!

    2019-20 Habs Collections: Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Domi, Ryan Poehling, and Brendan Gallagher

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    how many posts do you need to qualify? I know my mcgwire collection is definately worthy of being nominated.

    257 Unique McGwire autographs
    4 GU Bats
    3 GU Batting Gloves
    1 GU Hat
    2 Gu Cleats
    1 Game Model Bat
    2 Game Model Jerseys
    1 Game Issued Jersey
    1 Game Model Hat
    2 mini helmets
    1 Game Used Lineup Card
    29 Photos - 8x10's,16x20's,18x24,10x12,5x7's etc
    10 Baseballs
    8 Tickets & Stubs
    1 Pocket Schedule
    1 Wheaties Box
    55 Upper Deck Pack Certified Cards
    135 In Person Autographed Cards
    4 starting lineup action figures

    over 300 base cards, posters, starting lineup figures, coins, all that other stuff etc.

    55 pack certifed Auto's, 135 IP auto's

    photobucket link to mcgwire collection homepage

    Game Used Memorabilia



    starting line up figures

    ticket stubs

    jerseys,hat,mini helmets, bat

    UD certified Cards

    IP signed cards, organized by year

    i got my first mcgwire autograph in 1990 at age 7. 20 years later it has grown a lot. I collected everything when i was little. In the mid 90's i only collected insert cards as he was the only player without a certified auto. I still collected as many autographed items as i could. in 2002, he signed his autographed card deal and i went back in full force. i do own his best card, which is the 2002 A Piece of History 500 Club Auto /25. My favorite piece of memorabilia would be the 2001 Game Used HR Bat, that he used to hit career 576. I love the game used bats, as i currently have 5 and 4 of them are autographed. I met him several times, and i got to meet him again in spring training 2010. I told him who i was and he remembered me. I went to see him at least 1x every year from 1990-2001. I met him in 2004 at a steiner meet and greet at dodger stadium. I have 2 pictures taken with him which are both signed. Regardless of the steroid thing, he will always be my all time favorite player forever. I have obtained 30 autographs of him in person, 14 which i got in 10 days over the course of my trip to spring training. My collection covers all angles with cards, autographs etc. I don't know anybody else who has as a much diverse collection as mine. I know people that have over 5,000 cards, but they do not have the memorabilia to go along with it. Anyone Can have alot of cards, but not everyone can have a little of everything to a certain degree. I do collect Longoria, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed as well, but mcgwire will always be number 1.
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    I forgot to post the game used items of my mcgwire collection.

    5 game used bats 90-96-97-98-01. The 01 auto'd and is inscribed "HR 576" for obvious reasons
    1 pair of cleats. Inscribed 9-20-95. He hit career HR 272 on that day
    3 Batting gloves. 1 of them is inscribed 9-28-01 HR#582. Mac hit the next to last career HR using this glove.
    1 A's Road Cap. Circa 95'. Auto'd and it has the "two-five" written on inside of brim

    11 total items that are game used. 10 of them are autographed. I will try to get the 97 bat signed this year at spring training

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    See cincyfan5's Items on eBay

    1st-Autographed items- Close to 170 auto. baseballs, close to 70 auto 8x10's, over 400 auto cards(TTM and in person). Approx. 20 auto. magazines and programs. 16 auto. bats, 12 auto football mini helmets, 4 auto. ice cream minis, 5 auto mini bats. 2 GU auto jerseys, 4 auto replica jerseys, 2 auto hats. Mario Lemieux auto 2000 Michael Jordan Celebrity Skins Game Pass. 1999 US Open auto Pass(John Daly and Davis Love are two of the autos on it).

    2nd- Game Worn/Used- GU auto Mike Montgomery USA jersey. GU auto Neil Wagner Kinston Indians 4th of July jersey.

    3rd- Misc. Memorbilia- Couple of blankets, dozens of programs, newpaper clippings, cups, mugs, glasses, bobbleheads and ornaments.

    4th- Although I have alot of auto. cards, they were mostly obtained at minor league baseball games. A handfull were through the mail.

    5th- Proof- Most of my stuff is in the link below.

    6th- Post count- I'm about a third of the way there but I was told to go ahead and submit my application anyway.

    7th- Information on collection- I have been collecting baseball cards since 1980 and memorbilia since 1997. My collection consists mostly of Cincinnati Reds, Washington Redskins and NC State Wolfpack. I have had the opportunity to meet most of my sports heros through shows at Richmond, Chantilly and Raleigh. I got the chance to attend alot of spring training games from 2001 thru 2008 also. Now I attend alot of minor league baseball games and get the top prospects on cracked GU bats, baseballs and programs. I sold my basketball and football card collections a couple of years ago except for my high dollar ones. I have over 60,000 baseball cards buy my main collecting now is vintage baseball cards. I'm trying to get at least a couple of cards from each set for my two boys to split once they get them.

    I have worked hard on my collection and am really proud of it. My wife supports it and jumps in every once in a while to help me get an autograph.
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    See JRule15's Items on eBay

    I'll be with the newest applications and check them out this weekend.

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