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Thread: Check this out!

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    Check this out!

    got some team issued stuff on my site, all autos are fascimiles. Selling very cheap! Basically for the cost of postage if you want or trading for Felix Potvin. LMK

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    I'm interested in the Thrashers and the NJ. Check my tradelist in my signature.

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    Hi. I need your Potvin,F NYI 99/00 PACIFIC GOLD CROWN DIE-CUTS 22 $5.00

    I got a bunch more of the Thrashers that arent on the site. I'll dig em up soon.. fixing up my room right now tho :(

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    I'll put the Potvin aside for you. What is the estimated value of the NJ and Thrasher cards?

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    im interested in the chris drury and the martin biron. lmk wat you want or email me and i can send you my tradelist. thanks, jordan

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    wingsrock-how much would you trade for them? LMK

    micmac1919-PM sent..

    anybody else?

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