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Thread: Philadelphia Flyers

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    Philadelphia Flyers

    Hi i am looking to increase my Flyers cards, looking for any Flyers in Flyers Jersey's.

    Looking for mostly commons , LMK what player/teams you are looking for


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    I have alot of Phillies base cards and a Nash base card. Mostly 2005 and 2001-02.

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    i can come up with a bunch of flyers for you
    how far back do you wanna go
    i collect tie domi, damian rhodes, tiger williams, the plager brothers, minnesota wild and ottawa sens and of course the leafs.
    gimme a shout

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    Lil J- LMK what teams you collect or players

    fallen88- Doesn't matter what years as long as they are in Flyers Jersey's
    I will take a look and see what i have for your wants.Let me know how far back you are wanting from

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    re flyers

    ok i will dig em out (flyers that is)

    and i prefer newer cards but i will take others as well

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    I could put you a lot of flyers together. I was collect the following: Redwings, Texans, Broncos, Cubs, Rockets, or Nuggets. Would you be willing to trade me players from those teams? I only ask because it is going to be a chore to get all the flyers cards out of those many boxes of Hockey I have. :o)

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    I only collect newer cards of sets that I am working on and at the moment only 2005 Pacific.

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    Nickademus- Sounds great , i will start going through all of mine also to find cards you are looking for(Just so you know there won't be any redwings in there as my wife collects them and she would kill me if i gave her cards away)LOL. Are you looking for any cards from the other teams do they all have to be in there jersey's as this is how i have them sorted.

    LMK thanks

    Lil J- i do not have any 2005 pacific, thanks anyway's


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    I would rather have them in the team jersey, and since you have them sorted that way it makes it a lot easier anyway. I will start pulling the Flyers tonight, not sure how long it will take, I understand about the Redwings, I wouldn't want any bodily harm to come to you over a trade. :o) I'll drop you a line when I have a number on the flyers!

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    I have a lot of Flyers including some great vintage stuff. . . late 70's . . .Parent, Clarke, Kelly, etc plus newer stuff like Tocchet. I could probably do a lot that books from $1 to $20 if you have anything to trade (or if you wish to purchase). Right now, my personal collection focuses on Mario Lemieux, especially w/ BV of $10 and higher. I would also consider other Pens cards or other Pittsburgh teams. I'm also actively looking for Barry Bonds, Brett Favre, and Emmitt Smith RCs. . . let me know.

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