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Thread: No Habla Español.........

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    Arrow No Habla Español.........

    For the second time in my life, I was behind a person today in a line, that had the following reply given to him after speaking in a foreign language:

    "No Habla Español"

    The person in front of me (for the second time in my life) looked at the person he was speaking to in a very bewildered manor, and finally walked away.

    The first time I experienced this, it was ACTUALLY IN ARIZONA, this time it was in FLORIDA.

    BOTH TIMES - I was very proud to be an English speaking AMERICAN.

    P.S. Before someone says - how is this "politics or religion", just look at the state our country........

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    Technically English has been adopted but nobody recognizes it (or remembers it). My wife, who is a history teacher (now a principal), tells me that when the Constitution was written that English was adopted as the language of all legal documents for the new country. She says that German and Latin were considered but rejected because German was read and written by such a small percentage of people and Latin was considered a dying language.

    While that is not an "official" mandate of what the national language is, if a legal document written in anything but English will be rejected then that stands as a pretty strong argument.

    The wife is supposed to provide me with some documentation concerning this. Will provide it to all as soon as I have it.

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