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Thread: Pavel Datsyuk rookie

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    Smile Pavel Datsyuk rookie

    Tradeing this Pavel Datsyuk Gem Mint 9.5 BGS Rookie Mask Collection see attachment.
    I collect high end rookies in FB Bask and baseball.

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    wut does it book for?

    would u be interested in a 96-97 Topps NBA at 50 Kobe Bryant RC bv $60?


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    Hi the card books for $30 ungraded, I want $175 trade thats what I figure for BGS Gem Mint 9.5 its a great looking card.
    Send a trade list to: (

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    hmm well i just sold a spezza rookie that was in perfect condtiontion. i have some players from rookie update and other sets that are decent names but nothing is going to come close to $175 so i dunno if i have anything

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    Just to let you know I don't collect hockey, I also collect pocket knives if you have any. I can use the Kobe RC.

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    Okay if you get anything In high end RCs let me know

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