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Thread: Successes to Date

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    Steve Spurrier 8x10 c/o USCe

    This next one is huge for me. Big, big Yankees fan so I was pretty stoked about Paul O'Neill on an OMLB c/o home in 9 days

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    Recently added a poster signed by Antonio Langham, 2 8x10s by Gene Stallings and a mini helmet back from Ray Perkins that is a project I'm working on. I am working to have it signed by all the living Bama coaches.

    I struck out trying to get Malzahn as he doesn't accept TTM until after Signing Day.

    I'm sending to Shaq and a few others against my better judgment. Still waiting on my mini back from Stallings and a ball from Dale Murphy. I'm also waiting on 8x10s from Andrew Lincoln and IronE Singleton of Walking Dead fame--finally something my wife will like!

    I did get confirmation that I will be working the GTSM show in Birmingham, AL with Cam, Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan. For those in the area, come say hi!

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    Gene Stallings retuned a mini presently signed by the rest of the living Bama coaches save Saban and Shula; Saban has it now.

    Also added a Van Tiffin card the other day; still waiting on several pieces.

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    Honey Badger via home in 11 days

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    Awesome return from the honey badger!!
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    Love the Honey Badger success. Just got him recently as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duderbeast View Post
    Honey Badger via home in 11 days

    Great success. I also got mine back today but the sharpie had faded. congrats!!
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