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Thread: 2003 SP Authentic Box Break

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    2003 SP Authentic Box Break

    Opened this box from the National today, got a lot of base, an Allison Jersey, couple of FW and FG and a Ales Hemsky RC Auto! Pretty happy about that, was hoping for a signed patch though...
    All for trade/sale.

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    im very interested in the hemsky rookie/auto. please look at my tradelist and let me know what you are looking for.

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    Only cards that interests me is the Bouwmeester FW Auto, I could add something to even it out.

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    Got a 2003 Si.g Series Gaborik Siilver Auto.
    Heres the rest of my list
    It has to be updated and am doing that now, but the Gaborik is still here.

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    biglol, just noticed in my beckett the bouwmeester doesnt book 125, it books 100, just like the hemsky.

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    ill think about it. im a huge oilers and hemsky fan but it comes down to the fact that i think bouwmeester has more potential, even though they are both great prospects. i do like hemsky alot so i will think about it

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