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    Big PC pickup, even bigger TTM success!

    Today was a pretty solid mailday....the TTM was unexpected, as it had been a while since I sent it out, lol.

    First up, the big PC pickup:

    These 2006 Traks Autographs were nearly impossible to pull, and even harder to win on eBay. They always sold real high, and I was never willing to spend the kind of money they were going for to get one for the PC. Finally, I was able to reel in one of the Reserve Autos #'d/25. A huge one off of the Mears wantlist!

    And the SA-WEET TTM......(personalized, no less!)

    Just wanted to share!

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    That Danica is sweet. My daughter would freak for that. Can you pm the addy if possible please?
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    Man, those are AWESOME!!
    Brad Keselowski super-collector!

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    oh man sweet Danica!!!! Me want a personalized Danica auto! What a success!!

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    Thanks fellas....when I saw the return address I got excited, but when I saw it was personalized I couldn't believe it!

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    I got a personalized 8x10 from Danica today also. Congrats.

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    Wow Jeremy!! That's awesome!! I hope I get my Danica TTM back soon!
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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