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    Love the show - long-time listener, first-time caller

    Hi I'm Rob from Cincinnati.

    I've been collecting for a long time, the first non-hand-me-down cards I remember getting were Topps 1981 Football, first set that I built completely was 1984 Topps Baseball (I can still remember Bill Almon was the last card I needed to complete it). I got out of collecting around 1993, then back in when Archives came out in 2012. Now I mostly collect the Topps flagship Baseball - RIP Football :-(, casually set-build Heritage and Archives. I also do Cincinnati Reds team breaks of Chrome, Ginter, etc. Consider myself a Votto and Dalton collector, but I'm not going after insane cards. Not in my budget.

    My best accomplishment is collecting all 18 2012 Topps Chrome Andy Daltons. I have the superfractor, all 4 printing plates, and all color variants. Very lucky that all five 1/1s made it out of packs and into the hands of people who went through the effort of selling. I sometimes feel bad that I have kept the few printing plates I've opened in case there are player collectors out there, but they're also cool and I want to keep what I open generally, unless I can't turn it down.

    I wanted to post to also get a little advice. I stopped at a random small town Walmart in central PA looking for Archives on Thursday, but they didn't have any. So I "settled" for a blaster of Heritage and pulled a red-ink Aaron Judge auto 48/68. I know right? I want to get it graded, but I've never done it. I registered at PSA, and it seems like the 1 year subscription with six card grade voucher is the way to go for me. I want to get my three superfractors graded (2012, 2013 Dalton, and 2014 Tony Cingrani), a 2013 Giovani Bernard auto in the 1986 style /140, and the Judge red ink. Seems the way to go. I can find a 6th to send I'm sure. However, while the others fall into the stated < $500 range, I'm not sure the Judge does. Some sold for under that, but recently have been selling > $1000.

    Any advice on how to properly do this would be appreciated. Don't want to mess it up.


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    Rob- Welcome to SCF!
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Never graded with PSA before so I can't help you there but congrats on the Judge autograph pull. Awesome card!
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    You listen to too much Bob & Tom lol. Anyways welcome to SCF!
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    I see you joined in 2012. Welcome back on SCF! That Judge auto sounds incredible. What a pull! Hoping you can get it graded, among others. Hope you find the help you need.

    I would ask around or post your baseball card PSA Grading questions in the Baseball forum perhaps?

    Here's the link:

    Hope this helps! And best of luck growing your collection.
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    Welcome to SCF and a sweet pull on the Judge Auto!
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    Thanks everybody for the advice. I saw my registration was 2012, had to have been right when I started collecting again. That's right when Archive came out.

    Here's a pic, no idea why it keeps rotating left, oh well. You get the point. I like that the numbering is well positioned on the sleeve so you can see it pretty well.
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    that Judge is killer! Welcome to SCF....
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    Welcome to SCF! On top of the Judge, that's still a pretty impressive Andy Dalton set to collect.
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    looking for a vertical auto of Matt Ryan, David Johnson, and David Wright

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