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    my tradeist of autos and game used

    i know i have already posted my tradelist but this time my game used stuff has been added. thanks! and if your interested in anything plmk, thanks!

    Autos c/o mail or in-person:

    Shayne Corson -1991 Score, 1999 UD, 1999 Pinnacle
    Chris Gratton - 2000 UD MVP, 2000 Pacific Paramount
    Jochen Hecht -2002 Victory, 2000 OPC, 1999 Victory
    Rhett Warrener -2000 UD Vintage
    Lindy Ruff -2002 Topps OPC Archives
    James Patrick -1991 UD
    Martin Biron -2000 OPC
    Taylor Pyatt -2001 OPC
    Vaclav Varada -2002 In The Game Signature Series
    Kenny Jonsson -1999 UD
    Guy LaFleur -1989 OPC
    Landon Wilson -1999 Pacific
    Tommy Salo -1999 UD MVP
    David Legwand -2002 UD Vintage, 2000 UD MVP SCE
    David Aebischer -2001 UD Heroes
    Dany Heatley - 2002 UD MVP, 2003 UD SP Authentic
    Brent Johnson -1999 UD, 2002 UD challenge for the cup
    Nikolai Antropov -2000 UD MVP SCE
    John LeClair -01 UD Vintage,2000 UD MVP SCE
    Paul Mara - 2000 Victory
    Doug Gilmour -3x5 picture
    Alexandre Daigle -1997 UD Choice
    Oleg Saprykin -2001 UD Vintage
    Ray Whitney -2001 UD Heroes
    Jean-Sebastien Aubin -1999 UD
    Bryan McCabe -1998 Pacific
    Robert Reichel -1999 Victory
    Fredrik Modin -2001 UD Pros & Prospects
    Tom Fitzgerald -2000 UD Vintage
    Bill Houlder -1996 UD, 1998 Topps
    Brad Brown/Vitali Yachmenev -1994 Top Prospects Centennials card
    Vitali Yachmenev -1996 UD, 1994 North Bay Centennials card
    Vyacheslav Kozlov -1999 UD
    Martin Prusek -2002 UD Vintage Rookies
    Alexei Zhamnov -2001 Pacific Paramount
    Damian Rhodes -1996 UD Collectors Choice
    Sean Burke - 2000 UD Victory
    Brendan Morrison - 2002 Pacific
    Rod Brind’Amour - 1992 OPC, 1999 UD
    John Vanbiesbrouck - 2002 Fleer Legacy
    Alex Auld -2002 Be A Player
    Johan Hedberg - 2001 Topps Heritage
    Nick Schultz - 2002 Be A Player
    Trever Linden -2002 Pacific
    Eric Daze - 1998 UD Choice
    Martin Havlat -2002 Pacific Private Stock
    Craig Conroy -1999 OPC
    Brad Isbister -2000 OPC
    Branko Radivojevic-2002 UD Vintage Rookies,2001 UD Prospects#44
    Rob Niedermayer-2002 UD Vintage
    Mike Modano -2001 UD Vintage, National Heroes, Team Leaders
    Roberto Luongo -2001 UD Vintage
    Martin Erat -2002 OPC
    Manny Legace -2002 OPC
    Patrice Brisebois -2000 Topps Stadium Club
    Marco Sturm - 1999 OPC
    Jonathan Sim- 1999 Be A Player
    Brent Johnson- 2002 Be A Player
    Bryan Smolinski- 2000 UD Victory
    Mike Richter- 2001 Parkhurst
    Simon Gagne- 2002 SPX
    Mike Fisher- 2002 be a payer In The Game (first edition)


    Chris Thorburn -2001 UD Prospects #14
    Derek Roy -2001 UD Prospects #9
    Craig Kennedy -2001 UD Prospects #30, Windsor Spitfires card
    Jay McClement - 2001 UD Prospects #96
    Jason Spezza - 2001 UD Prospects # 89,11,99
    Marcel Hossa - 2001 UD Prospects #58
    Brandon Cullen -2001 UD Prospects #16
    Greg Jacina -2001 UD Prospects #43
    Kris Vernarsky -2001 UD Prospects #24
    Libor Ustrnul -2001 UD Prospects #22
    Ryan Ramsay -2001 UD Prospects #19
    Brent Krahn -2001 UD Prospects #49
    Kyle Wellwood -2001 UD Prospects #33
    Tomas Kopecky -2001 UD Prospects #71
    Ben Knopp -2001 UD Prospects #57
    Jeff Woywitka -2001 UD Prospects #54
    Adam Henrich -2001 UD Prospects #3
    Owen Fussey -2001 UD Prospects #48
    Greg Watson -2001 UD Prospects #59
    Jordin Tootoo -2001 UD Prospects #45
    Tim Gleason -2001 UD Prospects #29
    Jared Aulin -2001 UD Prospects #51
    Barrett Heisten -2001 UD Prospects #64
    Colt King -2001 UD Prospects #41
    Jason Penner -2001 UD Prospects #25
    Mark Popovic -2001 UD Prospects #28
    Trever Dailey -2001 UD Prospects #26
    Peter Hamerlik -2001 UD Prospects #7
    Cory Stillman -2001 UD Prospects #8
    Miguel Delisle -2001 UD Prospects #18
    Jonathan Zion -2001 UD Prospects #17

    Game Used Jersey:
    Krystofer Kolanos-2002 UD On The Rise (white)
    John Leclair-2003 UD (black)
    Brad Richards-2002 Bowmans Young Stars (black)
    Chris Chelios-2002UD NHL All Star Game Jersey (black)
    Jean-Sebastien Gigure- 2002 UD Saviors (green)
    Brent Krahn/Dan Blackburn-2001 UD Prospects 074/250 (white and blue)
    Byron Dafoe/Darren McCarty-2001 Pacific Vanguard 0491/1400 (black and white)
    Jaromir Jagr-2001 UD Ice 1st Rounders (black)
    Sean Burke-2001 Private Stock Titanium (green)
    Robert Lang-2001 Private Stock Titanium (black)
    Richard Smehlik-2001 Private Stock Titanium (grey)
    Wayne Primeau-2001 Private Stock Titanium (white)
    Ryan Smyth-2001 Private Stock Titanium Draft Day 0490/1015 (blue)

    Game Used Sick:
    Roberto Luongo-2000 UD MVP(blue line down center of stick)
    Game Used Leg Pad:
    Roman Turek-2001 Black Diamond (white)
    Chris Osgood-2001 Black Diamond (red)

    Game Used Board:
    Mike Bossy-2001 Fleer (red joe louis arena board)

    Pulled Autos:
    Jay Bouwmeester-2001 UD Prospects CHL Signatures
    Michel Goulet-2001 Heros Signs Of Greatness
    Chris Gratton-1998 Be A Player
    Donald Brashear-1998 Be A Player
    Bobby Dollas-1998 Be A Player
    Tyler Wright-2001 Signature Series
    Brad Stuart-2001 Signature Series
    Steve Shields-2002 Signature Series
    Mark Popovic-2001 UD CHL Prospects Signature of Tradition

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    I am intrested in the Gigure GU and the luango stick and turek pad but ecspecially the gigure and the turek Are u willing to trade for a yzerman GU or chelios allstar jersey /Blue and a couple of reprints of gordie howe and booby orr made by honor roll PLMK at thanks.

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    im in need of 02-03 top shelf autos, and stamps, i need the 60cent american stamps

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    i am always looking for sakic game used or autos!!!!, thanks again

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