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    Five Star Mailday of ol' Five Time!

    See what I did there? (Just trying to keep my S&T titles as catchy as Stephen's)

    First Five Star pickups of Jimmie for much as I hate the product, I'm glad I was able to pick up a few things at least.

    Just wanted to share!

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    Awesome. Glad to see the pics and that ya can post. With the issues the boards have had, just seeing it means they are working thru it with some ease.

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    Nice cards!
    Id like to have one of those autod sheetmetal and autod FS cards....but no Brad's LOL

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    Very nice Jeremy! Love the Signature Souvenirs

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    Solid adds there, congrats!
    Collecting: Brad Keselowski Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Diecast & More
    Hidden Content
    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    very nice johnson pickups.

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