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Thread: Allen & Ginter Template

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    Allen & Ginter Template

    I'm trying to make my dad some custom A&G cards, but I haven't been able to to get them to look right. Does anybody have a photoshop template, or at least the effect that would be used on the photo? Thanks

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    I don't know the effect that topps uses but I use the Dragan effect.

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    What brush is used in those Allen/Ginter cards for the backgrounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportfreund View Post
    What brush is used in those Allen/Ginter cards for the backgrounds?
    I use a cloud brush on mine.

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    I tried a few brushes out for cloud. Looks passable but not great.

    I don't think the brushes are the main thing though. I need a better way to get the fade out to happen around the edge of the image. Atm I've used a large brush with a 0% hardness with white to make the edges look faded but not quite there yet.

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    Yeah so I did download a couple of those cloud brush sets. Tried using wet edges too. It's definetely not the one, I think I'll have to get water brushes instead.

    I did send two custom cards out and they don't look bad, I'll upload a scan if they come back. The problem I am also having is having the image fade out around the edges of the player. I wanna have an effect where it looks like sprayed ice or something around the player but when I use an eraser then the background colour behind the player shows up in front of the player and when I use a brush with white on it then it covers part of the background around the player.

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    This is one I just did using a cloud brush, I think the brush looks pretty close to the real thing.
    When I make a ginter I make it with four layers, the bottom, the cloud brush, the player image, and the top border. I leave the top border blank in the middle and I use my eraser on that layer to make my other three layers show.

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    Wow! That Robinson custom looks really great! I've tried to make a Allen and Ginter custom myself but didn't get the background to look like I wanted it to.
    Do you maybe know which exact brush you used for the background?

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    The brush set I use is called "Cloud Brushes"

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