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    Got back yesterday and still would like to get one or two more boxes. Would like to get either a box of 2003 SP Authentic or 2003 Signature Series, if you get it, I have cash on me right now I can mail to you, it won't get to you til after, thats why I am asking. SP Authentic was $78.00 at table, I don't know but as soon as you walk in, walk straight, look to your right for a table with lot of boxes near the autograph pavillion, they also had the Sig. Series there, I think it was D&A Cardworld or something near there. PLEASE reply ASAP, tomorrow is last day. Will also send a memorabilia card or auto for time.

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    This is a plea out to the world, or the part of the world that has access to the National. I am on my knees in $30.00 PJ's! lol

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