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    Most important athlete of all-time?

    There was an interesting read in playboy's june issue where they interviewed Lance Armstrong, mentioning him as possibly being the most important athlete of all-time. I guess I never really thought of him like that before, but after reading through, this guy overcame 12 tumors, goes on to win the Tour de France 6 times in a row, and helped raise close to $40 million for cancer by selling those simple yellow bracelets for $1 each...he has my vote.

    Just wondering what everyone else's opinion is?

    Chris P.

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    lol I like where you found the article..... but I can agree on that but if it wasnt for Larry Bird and Magic Johnson basketball might not even be talked about. (same with palmer and Nicklaus with golf)
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    No one could ever debate Lance as being an icon that will go down in the anals of sports history for all he has accomplished and overcome, but Jackie Robinson is, without a doubt, the athlete that has had the most impact on sports.

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    what about tiger in golf... really changed the way golf is looked at... i think michelle wie has the same opportunity...

    that said i think jackie robinson was the most influential of all time
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    As soon as I read the title of the thread Jackie Robinson came to mind so that's my answer.

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    I agree Jackie Robinson, lot of other guys menioned may have done alot for their sport but Robinson, did something for all sports and America. BTW props to Lance Armstrong

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    I agree on Jackie Robinson, but Armsrong has been big for bicyicling. Without Robinson baseball would be in rouble and without Armstrong you'd go what the heck is the tour de france.

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    I will have to go with Jackie Robinson also. He was one of the first african americans to play the game of baseball and may have possibly changed the outcome of all USA sports.

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    Jackie Robinson for sure. One thing to keep in mind is that his breaking of the color barrier in baseball was several years before the civil rights movent. His entrance into the major leagues certainly had an effect on it. While Robinson was not the first African-American professional baseball player (there were pleanty until the "gentleman's agreement" of 1887), he was the one that had the biggest effect socially. One thing I think some folks overlook is not only did he break the color barrier, but he was a damn fine ball player as well.

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