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Thread: Lehigh Valley???

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    Lehigh Valley???

    I have not been to Lehigh Valley to graph the Iron Pigs yet this year. But, I heard a rumor that graphers are not allowed behind the stadium were the players leave the stadium anymore. Can anyone confirm this.
    I do not believe a minor league team would impose rules like that.
    If its true, does anyone know why.
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    I heard the same rumor yesterday from a pretty reliable source (he was a philly ink grapher and he was there to see it first hand).
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    Its amazing, some of these graphers are a-holes and have to ruin things for the rest of us.
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    I can confirm this is true. My nephew goes to multiple games a week there and would hang out there before and after each game. He told me one of the reasons was people were leaving trash out there.
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    I know of couple of people who graph the Iron Pigs pretty regularly and apparently a group of people who were trying to graph Polanco when he was visiting threw some baseballs towards him and apparently smashed another player's iPad.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I guess I will not be driving the 3 hrs each way just to graph inside
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    Some graphers blow my mind. You really think a guy will sign when you just throw a ball at him?!? Be serious! Those are the same graphers that'll nudge a child out of the way so they can get it, makes me sick! If we all just played it cool and didn't act like greedy pigs at the trough, I'm sure we'd all have a better time. Athletes, like anyone else, appreciate manners and respect. Sucks that a greedy selfish grapher had to ruin your spot man. That's the downside of our hobby/passion I suppose. Just drives me nuts each time I hear of yet another great spot being discontinued. Sorry for the rant!

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    This sucks. A classic example of one bad apple spoiling the entire barrell.
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    That picture posted is actually my pic. But the IPad story was that Cam Perkins (Ironpigs Player) had HIS iPad stolen. I'm out there everyday so it's 100% certain it's closed and will not be open the rest of the season.

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