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Thread: Mike Piazza

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTMcardMaster View Post
    Don't bother if you have the 1000 S Pointe Dr address...
    Nope- it's another I learned about privately about two years back, but have been too chicken to try.

    Think it would be invading his privacy?

    Cool story,he was at the marlins final game last year. When he made his way out he scanne the crown and saw my two piazza marlins jerseys and gave a things up when we made eye contact. I thought it was pretty cool. There's a photo on Getty of it.

    Odd, but it was pretty cool.

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    I know someone mentioned this already in this thread but he did a show in NY back in January for these guys:
    They put on great shows and had some balls and signed rookie cards for sale after the show at fair prices, don't know if they still have any items. I know that doesn't help you get your marlins stuff signed, but just figured I'd share a little more specific information for ya. Good luck.

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    Bump- with his book coming out anyone know of any book appearances or signings? I'd like to try my luck at one.

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    I heard he was new york doing something not sure what..Maybe he thought he was going to get inducted into the hall of fame? lol
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    Here you go...

    Mike Piazza, former Dodgers & Mets star, signing copies of Long Shot
    • 2/11/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble - Fifth Avenue. New York, NY.
    • 2/12/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Old Country Road. Carle Place, NY.

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