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Thread: Looking For Arod 8x10 Auto

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    Well, I have 2 plagues in my collection so looking to maybe get a 3rd. I got a Marino which I bought for a reputable dealer many years ago, a Curtis Martin that I got in person, and now I'm looking to get an Arod one. Does anyone have an 8x10 to sell or know of somewhere I could get one? I'd really like to have it certified by a reputable company.

  2. #2 sells lots of good sports 8x10's including some A-Rod's. Just type in his name and do a search.
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    Whoops sorry nevermind I guess your looking for one that is already autographed. I thought you were looking for some to get autographed.

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    Yeah looking for ones already auto'd. I'd really have no way of getting Arod to sign an 8x10 for me and I really don't trust eBay enough to buy one from there. There was a user who sells only auto'd stuff and they have 200 feedback all positive. They had a couple nice Arod's for relatively cheap... I e-mailed them to talk to them but they haven't hit me back yet.

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    Re: Looking For Arod 8x10 Auto

    Originally posted by IggyWH
    Well, I have 2 plagues in my collection so looking to maybe get a 3rd. .
    You are looking for plagues?
    that is an odd request.
    Well, you find what your looking for.

    Now seriously, I know what you meant and I wish you luck in acquiring one.

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    Plaque... sorry I was like 1/2 way in bed when I wrote that. I also haven't had a plaque made up in about 4 years and I wonder if I can even find one of the ype that I want.

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    Re: here

    I'd like one in his Rangers uni... and for $65 I can pay to have it signed in person.

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    iggy - sorry no arod photo but i have a ?

    where do you go to get your 8x10s put in a plaque? local store?

    i have several 8x10's and some magazines i need to get done somehow

    thanks for any insight

    and if i make it back to texas next feb for the winter carnival - i'll see if i can get you a signed one - he always signs for free you just have to be in line @ 4am to get a ticket haha

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    Back when I got my Marino and Curtis Martin ones done (it was right after Martin won ROY so that was '96), there was a dealer at a local show I always went to that would do up plaques for $10-$15. They'd have a huge sleeve for the 8x10 on the left hand side, 2 card holders on the right hand side, and in between the 2 card holders would be an engraving that said the players name and team. Not quite sure if this guy is still around though as it was 7 years ago... damn that's making me feel old!

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