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    Most expensive or rarest wrestling card in your collection????

    Like I said im new here, just curious to see what other collectors have out there.

    my most rarest/expensive card is probably wcw topps 99 harcore hak auto.

    whats yours?
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    THis one is probably mine

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    Probably my most expensive even though I paid less for it than many other cards in the set.

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    Mine's a 1998 DuoCards WWF Superstarz Owen Hart autograph and it's currently on eBay and I hate to do it,but I've grown out of watching wrestling and it's time to move on with my collection.

    I originally bought the card on eBay from a seller in Australia back in 1999 and the day it came in the mail was the day after he passed away at the Over The Edge PPV so it sorta had special meaning for me and that's why I've had it for the last 11 years. I hope whoever wins the card from me will enjoy it and appreciate it like I have.
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    mine don't really have a set value since they are in person ones but still valuable to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffyb View Post

    Probably my most expensive even though I paid less for it than many other cards in the set.
    got the same hogan auto, signed in the back, dont have the signed in the front version yet. what did you pay? how cheap did you get it, i got mine for $132USD about 4 years ago, which at the time was pretty good

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    Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania XIX Flashback Event Used 3 color.....personal value item a ECW promo photo signed buy Balls Mahoney when I meet em a while back...

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    Sick stuff .. I only got into wrestling cards this year but managed to pull this from a $25 dollar box..

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    Not the rareest...but my favorite.....the late great Owen Hart

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