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Thread: spezza/lundmark

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    not sure if im going to trade it but more looking to see if anyone would be interested its 00-01 Jason Spezza/Jamie Lundmark double jersey from the CHL Prospects set. I bought 2 boxes awhile ago and ended up with the same cards x2 last beckett has $30-60

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    nice card u got matt...u wudnt happen to have any of the singles from the CHL set for trade would you?

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    no I keep all singles for inperson hounding

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    im not sure if i want it, just if the right offer comes but wut would u need for it?

    do u have any other cards

    take a look at my site

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    what are you looking for. Cujolova, what singles do you need/want?

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    Im looking for sabres,leafs,caps,montreal,senators rookies.
    mainly kotalik,colaiacovo guys like that or if u have alot of common I need cards of players on those teams too..

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    i have 2 colaiacovo rc's from premier, they book 20 each since they are both gold

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    Id rather have a bunch of cheaper rookies and no dupes because they are for getting autographed..

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    thornton - pretty much all i can get my hands on..rite now looking for Finley, Colaiacovo and Zigomanis singles but i can use any all all others except for nash, bouwmeester, comrie etc.

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