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    Need one base card of all these Giants players

    Well, I'm going to the Giants fan fest this year and might as well get some autos. I would like to buy or trade for one of each of these and get most if not all of them done in one deal. Please let me know if you have any cheap base of these guys:

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    All I really have is a simple old base card from 08 UD of Dan Johnson. I would do it for the Sandoval or Cain or Huff. If that is good with you, post it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by gestes72 View Post
    I have

    2008 A&G Freddy Sanchez
    2008 A&G Pat Burrell
    2008 A&G Aubrey Huff
    2010 A&G Matt Cain
    2010 A&G Barry Zito
    2010 A&G Pablo Sandoval
    2010 A&G Miguel Tejada

    need cards of these players:

    Danys Baez - Rays, O's, Phillies
    Anonio ™™™™™™™o Phillies
    Drew Carpenter Phillies
    JC Romero Twins, Phillies
    John Mayberry Jr. Phillies

    jeremy Hellickson rays
    Kyle Farnsworth Yankees uniform only
    John Jaso Rays
    Dan Johnson A's, Rays
    Desmond Jennings Rays
    Matt Joyce Tigers, Rays

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