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Thread: Anyone else a nerd likle me?

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    Anyone else a nerd likle me?

    Anyone else out there a nerd like me. i'm into magic the gathering and games like that and recently got hooked into the Resident Evil Deck Building Game. anyone else check this game out or am i the only one, also what does everyone else play?

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    lol never got into any rpgs or card games like yugioh or magic... i spend my time playing nba 2k11 :)

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    I still collect Star Wars CCG and Doomtown CCG. Sadly they hold more value than most sports cards sets do minus the high end stuff.
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    I confess im a nerd i collect star wars trek comic books rpg and figures also like the online games

    Maybe we all can find some kind of AA for nerds like us lol nah why ruin a good thing

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    lol its kewl to have other interest I myself have a Betty Lynn autographed card (Thelma Lou from the Andy Griffith Show) that will be the only card I will not give my kids.
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    Wants are: Topps WCW Autographs, Topps WWE Autographs and Event Used....All Peter Warrick, Damon Stoudamire, Juwan Howard, Brian Grant.

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    You like Magic the Gathering? I have loads of cards I need to get rid of. PM me if interested.

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