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    Little League is Starting need Redsox base and small inserts

    I coach Little League and our season is coming up fast we have our first practice in 3 weeks. So I am looking to trade for your Redsox base as well as any cheap inserts prefer lots to make it easier for us both. Also prefer current players but will take older players as long as they're star names (Ruth,Boggs,Rice,Yaz,etc) prefer not to take to many Clemens kids really don't like him here.

    LMK what you got and lets make a deal!!

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    I have this 22 card lot:

    2010 A&G Buchholz, Youk,, Drew
    2009 A&G Lester
    2008 A&G Dice K, Varitek
    2009 Topps Hertiage Mound Magicias Beckett, Lester, Dice K
    2009 Topps Jed Lowrie, JD Drew
    2008 Upper Deck JD Drew
    2008 SP Legendary Cuts Manny (2), Ortiz (2)
    2008 UD Masterpieces Schilling, Dice K, Varitek
    2007 Turkey Red Okijama
    2007 UD Masterpieces Dice K, Ortiz
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage Pedro, Wakefield

    looking for cards of these players:

    George Hendrick Cards uniform only (need 2)
    Eric Hinske Yankees uniform only (need 4)
    Scott Proctor Yankees uniform only (need 4)
    Domonic Brown (need 3) Phillies
    JC Romero (need 3) Phillies
    Jonny Venters (need 4) Braves
    Scott Linebrink (need 4) Padres, White Sox
    Ramiro Pena (need 2) Yankees
    Sergio Mitre (need 2 Yankees uniform only)
    Ivan Nova (need 2) Yankees
    John Jaso (need 3) Rays
    Jordan Schafer (need 2) Braves
    Kyle Kendrick (need 2) Phillies
    Ryan Madson (need 2) Phillies
    Kyle Drabek (need 2) Blue Jays
    Jose Bautista (need 4) Blue Jays
    Brandon Morrow (need 4) M's, Blue Jays
    JP Arencibia (need 2) Blue Jays
    Jose Molina (need 2 Yankees uniform only)
    Kyle Farnsworth Yankees uniform only

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    i have around 600 wade boggs cards from the 80's and early 90's. could do 16.00 delivered in a meduim size priority box.
    Collecting Derek Jeter and Emmitt Smith

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    bo sox

    I have somewhere between 500-1000 red sox commons I am selling for 1 penny apiece. Please lmk if interested. I also have some higher end stuff I am looking to sell for 40-50% Becketts. The highest end stuff is:
    1961 Topps #287 Carl Yastrzemski BV $50 (good condition)
    1959 Topps #485 Ted Williams BV $150 (good condition)

    1969 Topps #130 Carl Yastrzemski BV $20 (fair-good)
    1968 Topps Carl Yastrzemski BV $30 (fair-good)
    1985 Topps #181 Roger Clemens RC BV $15 (EX)

    If interested I can try to get you a list together, but I am willing to sell you all for $150 dlvd (thats the price of the Williams card alone).
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    I appreciate all the offers guy I think I have answered everyone keep the offers coming I prefer more current sets due to the fact the majority of the kids I deal with are between 7-10.
    Thanks everyone

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