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Thread: Anyone here into stocks?

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    Anyone here into stocks?

    I have around $1000 that I am looking to invest. I am currently 18 years old, and want something with a medium risk. This is not for retirement as i want to set up a seperate fund for that. I am pretty set on putting the $1000 into a mutual fund, but have no idea where I want to put it in? Anyone have any opinions?

    Thanks, Ty

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    I am invested in the following:

    Roth IRA (Retirement):
    C - bought 600 shares at 4.28/share
    CUR - bought 100 shares at 2.07
    ERIC - bought 75 shares at 10.89/share
    MO - bought 25 shares at 20.04/share
    MSFT - bought 11 shares at 18.xx/share
    SIRI - bought 600 shares at .68/share
    VLO - bought 50 at 19.05/share

    Regular investment account:
    BCON - bought 3k shares at .22/share.
    CBBD - I bought 10k shares at .08/share. This is a very big gamble but I think it can pay off huge in the future.
    CPST - bought 1100 shares at .96/share.
    MSFT - bought 100 shares at 24/share.

    Always do your research when looking to make investments. I am not an expert but this is what i am going with. I started investing when I was 25 (I am 31 now). I got destroyed when I started out but luckily I didn't have too much to begin with. My advice is to invest in a strong, reputable company like MSFT or MO. I can see C going to 10 dollars in the next few years too. I really like CPST also. You can load up on it cheap also.
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    Go with APL, it's the greatest stock ever! (I am not biased, even though I have big moola on options with them- LOL)

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    Mutual Funds= HORRIBLE IDEA, if you want to go that route buy an ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). Do research. Also- Don't expect Crazy Returns with $1000- it's possible, but it usually involves a lot of research and statistics! There is one website,, which is a "practice portfolio" and gives you a fake $1M to invest in, sometimes earning small amounts of real cash, so this can give you an idea of how you will do with your real money!

    Feel free to PM me any questions you have, I have my Degree in Finance, am 4 hours from Completing my Master's, and am getting nice offers for PhD Programs, so I know what I'm talking about!
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    Earning small amounts of real cash for nothing? I'm interested!

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    do some reasearch on C, BGP, and WEN. you might find some luck there

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg271126817 View Post
    do some reasearch on C, BGP, and WEN. you might find some luck there

    Why do you like BGP and WEN so much? I heard something about Arbys....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
    Why do you like BGP and WEN so much? I heard something about Arbys....
    They are always going up and down in big spurts if you buy a bunch of them at a low poing and hold you can sell when they jump up. right now BGP is really low, and have jumped up and down by 0.25 a few times the last couple months if you bought and sold duing those times you could have made a bunch of money. the last time there was talk of wendy selling arbys it jumped a bunch, then settled back down. Im sure they will be jumping up and down for a while. With BGP being under a buck you can buy a lot of shares and make some good money if you sell and buy at the right times. probably the same with wendys too and i just like cheap stocks

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    I am 21 and i was thinking about buying some stocks also. Is their a min amount of stock you have to buy? Their is some stocks i like and i was wondering if i could buy only 500 of each type. Thanks Chris

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    Sure, you can buy any amount worth of stocks. However, there are fees associated with trading. I recommend Scottrade.

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