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Thread: High School ttm thread

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    im 15 not 13 typo so i have no prob that i got norris ttm. and i only really collect mllb stars and i prob have 2/3 of them and norris could be a future one so idt it matters

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    And cyberer, that's awesome you crashed a Vick signing!! I'd totally do it too!! :) It's just a luck of the draw, and sucks for those that had to actually pay for it hahaha!!

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    To clarify I got Vick legit at a free radio show, I only raised the idea of crashing a signing. I agree there's nothing wrong with it.
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    Oh oh, my bad! still cool though! and yeah exactly! did you get my PM?

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    Ok I am kinda getting tired of Mr. Rugrat or rugarte, not sure which. I just want to say a few things. First you said that its creepy if youre older than them to be sending ttm. Then when you got his age, you said it was creepy to send to a guy older than you. Umm, thats not much logic there now is it? Im not trying to bash anyone, but im the same age as chipper and I have to say, whats the prob sending to guys older than myself?
    Ok now after my rant, I too would love to know if guys in the 16U team would sign. What about guys like Delmonico and Machado? And finally, where did you guys send to Norris. Thanks for dealing with this semi long post

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    Thread closed and for those who have broken rules in this thread you will be hearing from me.

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